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Icelandic White Locks, 2oz Icelandic White Locks, 2oz

This is a lovely Icelandic fleece from Queso Cabeza Farm. Locks are clean and free of most all vm, 5-ish inches long and are double coated. Double coated means that there are two part to each lock, a soft fluffy undercoat with coarser, longer guard hair. In this fleece the guard hairs are white to creamy/buttery white and the undercoat bright white. Take care when separating the locks so as not to pull the two fiber types apart.

Please note that this sheep had a black "skunk stripe" and so there are stray black locks in a few of the bundles.

Traditional Icelandic yarn takes advantage of the soft warm undercoat for warmth and the longer guard hairs for strength and water proofing.


Our Price: $10.50
Wensleydale Long Locks 6-9", 2 oz Wensleydale Long Locks 6-9", 2 oz

These locks are from an adult ewe and measure 6-9 inches...some longer and some shorter. Lock integrity is strong and color is white throughout with golden butter tips and no vm.

Spoiler Alert: Sadly, the tips of these delightful locks were all felted and dry...they stayed just a little to long on the sheep. The rest of each lock however is perfect! The locks were too pretty to toss so I trimmed the tips trying to angle them to not be blunt. some may need some more coiffing! While not good for tail spinning, these would be great for needle felting or adding texture to a woven or needle point piece. ergo...these are discounted.

If you would like these dyed for a special project, let me know!

These would be great for a beard for old St Nick.


Our Price: $12.50
Sale Price: $10.50
Savings: $2.00
White, Wee and Tiny Baby BFL Locks, 2 oz White, Wee and Tiny Baby BFL Locks, 2 oz

So, so soft! Beautiful, white to creamy white baby BFL locks from Trial and Error Acres. Locks are clean and have some vm and a staple length of 3-4 inches. Locks are bundled in 2 oz bags. Fiber is uber soft and would be lovely lockspun. Color is mixed with some white white locks but most creamy white.

Note: you may find some locks that have had the tips trimmed off due to felting or being crunchy. Cutting is usually a big no no in my lock world but in this case, any wee curl is too precious to waste! Wee locks are difficult to clean and act like velcro to vm. I have done my best to pick through these lovelies and keep the price the same as always. You may have a little to pick out here and there yourself.

These are perfect for wee and tiny gnome or Santa beards and, of course, needle felted sheep!

Our Price: $10.50
White/Silver Beauties, Border Leicester Locks, 2 oz White/Silver Beauties, Border Leicester Locks, 2 oz

The sheep that produced this marvelous fleece is named Skunk. I should have known that meant there was something different about this "white" fleece! To my delight, it washed up with white flowing tips and silver hairs throughout the butt end of the lock...truly stunning!

Locks are clean, soft and free of most all vm. 3-5 inches in staple length with good lock integrity. A few locks are short and curly.

These are perfect for old lady hair or a wise old gnome's beard...what about for a witch or old hag, or furring for an arctic hare? Tail spun, these would make a stunning yarn for Saori weaving.


Our Price: $10.50
Kartner Eye Glass Locks, 2 oz Kartner Eye Glass Locks, 2 oz

These are primitive and long, 8-10 inch long, double coated locks from a rare breed sheep, the Kartner Eye Glass. Historically used for rug yarn, these locks would make the most fantastical, large needle felted yeti, wookie or faux taxidermy sheep head! Perhaps I'll make a sheep footstool! I can custom dye them to suit your needs. Very white outer coat, softer white undercoat with short, red kemp fibers, clean and free of most vm...these are a treasure!


Our Price: $12.50
White Wensleydale Longlocks, 2 oz White Wensleydale Longlocks, 2 oz

This is a beautiful fleece from W2 Sheep Company.

White Wensleydale with 8 +/- inch locks and little to no vm. Locks are clean and very white down to the tips with some ivory/butter tipped, good lock integrity and a gentle wave.

The perfect St Nick beard on a needle felted sculpture or needle point project AND just the right lock for tail spinning an art yarn.


Our Price: $12.50