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White BFL Locks, 2oz White BFL Locks, 2oz

Here they are! Lovely 5 inch Blue Faced Leicester yearling locks with some vm, a lovely tight curl and good lock structure.
Perfect for needle felting and lock spinning...a garland for your holiday tree?
Locks are white to off white and not a bright white.


Our Price: $10.50
Wee and Tiny Baby BFL Locks, 2 oz Wee and Tiny Baby BFL Locks, 2 oz

So, so soft! Beautiful, white baby BFL locks. Locks are clean and have minimal vm and a staple length of 3-5 inches. Locks are bundled in 2 oz bags. Fiber is uber soft and would be lovely lockspun. Color is white with some creamy white tips. This Lamb was raised by Trial and Error Acres. Thank you Nancy!

These are perfect for wee and tiny gnome or Santa beards.

Our Price: $10.50
Santa Beard, 4-5 inch Border Leicester Locks, 2oz Santa Beard, 4-5 inch Border Leicester Locks, 2oz

White Border Leicester locks are chunky, full bodied, have a tiny bit of large vm, good lock integrity and a beautiful wave to the structure. There is minimal yellowing on some tips. Locks are 4-6 inches long and perfect for Santa beards. Stock up now for your Christmas craft needs!

Our Price: $10.50
White Border Leicester Locks, 6 inches 2 oz White Border Leicester Locks, 6 inches 2 oz

Marsha H has the most beautiful Border Leicester flock around and therefor the most beautiful fleeces. These locks are 6 inches long, soft, shiny and clean with a beautiful wave and good lock structure. Tips are "antiqued" aka slightly yellowed from exposure to the sun. I have 7 more similar fleeces so don't worry... there is plenty to go around.

The perfect Santa beard!!!


Our Price: $10.50
Daisy the Shetland Sheep, 2 oz Daisy the Shetland Sheep, 2 oz

Daisy! Daisy! My grandma name is Daisy so I have an automatic connection with this sheep raised by Veronica Worthington of Tuckernuck Farm.

Soft and floofy (not next to skin soft) are Daisy’s locks. They are 6-9 inches long and mostly white with silver fibers throughout. Some locks are gray and a few light brown. Locks structure is strong with a wide, floofy butt end and a long thin tip. This fleece was coated so there is hardly any vm! Locks are washed and clean. Fiber is not uber soft but soft enough to spin into yarn for a hat or scarf.

Use for beards, wildlife scenes, doll hair, creature fur. This fiber is also perfect for spinning...such fun!


Our Price: $12.50
Pristine White Wensleydale, 2 oz Pristine White Wensleydale, 2 oz

Frivolous Ewe raised the sheep that gifted us these gorgeous locks.
Locks are pearlescent white, 7 and up to 9 inches long with strong structure and amazing curl, a wee bit of vm and.....perfect purled lamb tips! you cant get any better!
Make a white Christmas "fur" tree with these...wow! St Nick would be honored to don these as his beard.
The holidays are coming (Christmas in July and all that)bso get these now for all your holiday gift making needle felting projects!

Our Price: $13.50