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Cormo/BFL Mocha Latte Locks, 1oz Cormo/BFL Mocha Latte Locks, 1oz

****Last ounce****
Mocha, mocha, mocha latte. I’ll take two!
Five or six years ago Stacy Adams and I fell in love with a fleece just like this one but with shorter locks. The mocha brown just thrilled us, as did the creamy, sun kissed tips, fed our newly found needle felting addiction . I haven’t found such a brown since...until now.
I found this fleece at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It is clean and free of most vm, has good lock structure has a 4-5 inch staple length. The color is quite unusual in it’s brownness. The cinnamon buns pictured are made from the fiber run one time through the carder...gorgeousness!
The perfect needle felted hedgehog fiber, great gnome beards plus a lovely fiber to spin. There is some lanolin still in the fiber and it has a pleasant handle.

Our Price: $5.50
Natural Black Mixed Breed Curls, 2 oz Natural Black Mixed Breed Curls, 2 oz

These are as black as it gets for sheep wool...gorgeous!
Locks are 5 +/- inches long, wavy with good lock integrity. Most tips are slightly sun kissed.
This is the last of this fleece and there is a little vm and some dandruff. Comb out the dandruff which makes the ends fluffy and perfect for wet felting. A little work on your part and these locks are stunners!


Our Price: $6.50
Navajo Churro, Auburn Locks Navajo Churro, Auburn Locks

Sale: These are the last 3 bundles and have some cotting but locks will pull apart. Sale price reflects this cotting.

I am in love with this lamb fleece!
8inch plus or minus inch locks are clean and pencil thin at the ends with a light and fluffy butt end. Fiber is not next to skin soft but is soft to my touch. Color varies only slightly across the fleece from dark auburn to a lighter red/brown shade. There is little vm. The pictures speak for themselves.
Wall art, needle felting, you could even lock spin these! Carded and spun, the Navajo Churro Fiber is a traditional rug yarn.
Bundles are random picks from the fleece unless otherwise requested.

Our Price: $10.50
Sale Price: $8.50
Savings: $2.00
Mocha Latte:  Shetland Locks, 2 oz Mocha Latte: Shetland Locks, 2 oz

Shetland fleece has a straight, flowing lock structure. These 3-4 inch locks are soft and clean and free of vm. There is a fluffy butt end with a thin tip end. Color is a pale mocha with creamy tips. I love the texture of these locks.

These locks are just perfect for natural shades on most needle felted animals: rabbits, sheep, squirrels...and monsters!


Our Price: $10.50
Sale Price: $8.50
Savings: $2.00
Wee and TIny Natural Colored BFL, 2 oz Wee and TIny Natural Colored BFL, 2 oz

These are gorgeous variegated baby Blue Faced Leicester locks all cleaned up and ready for felting or spinning or in your 2-D wool painting project.
Locks are 3-ish inches in staple length with tight and kinky wee curls and a strong lock structure.

Perfect for wee hedgehogs!


Our Price: $10.50
Icelandic- Witche's Hair, 2 oz Icelandic- Witche's Hair, 2 oz

This is a rather coarse fiber with a very primitive look. Locks are 3-5 inches long, clean and free of most vm. lock structure is lose.
Silver and black fibers fade to black tips...perfect for an old crone or witch or and old man.

Our Price: $10.50
Mina, BFL/Wensleydale Wee and Tinies, 2 oz Mina, BFL/Wensleydale Wee and Tinies, 2 oz

I had Mina's fleece last year and just fell in love with it! Wee and tiny curls in natural black with cafe au lait highlights. 2" staple length makes these lovelies perfect for wee hedgehogs and natural landscapes and mushrooms. Locks are clean and free of most vm.

Spin these by the lock spun method for an adorable yarn.

Our Price: $10.50
Moorit Finn Locks, 2oz Moorit Finn Locks, 2oz

This is a beautiful moorit colored fleece with creamy tips.
Very soft with wide straight locks, this fleece is perfect for spinning or needle felting. they would easily shingle making the perfect pelt. Locks are 4-6+ inches in staple length and you may find some grass here and there.
Use for needle felting, 2-D wool painting, or card to spin into a lovely yarn.

Our Price: $10.50
Blacky the Shetland Sheep Fiber, 2oz Blacky the Shetland Sheep Fiber, 2oz

Blacky the Shetland sheep lives on Tuckernuck Farm and was raised by the amazing Veronica Worthington.
This is a hard fleece to photo well, hard to convey how gorgeous it is. This fleece was coated and there is no vm. Locks have a loose structure so care must be taken when separating individual locks for needle felting. Locks are such a lovely silver/gray and 3-5 inches long and they glisten. There is little crimp or curl but there is an occasional long thin tipped end. Locks are clean and uber soft with some lanolin left on the fiber.
I am going to card some of this fiber into spinning batts...it is going to make an uber soft and bouncy yarn (see yarn pictured above. Locks in the yarn are Gotland/bfl). I am also going to use these locks for gnomes beards and old lady hair. This fiber is also great for “furring “ needle felted animals.

Our Price: $10.50
Gotland/Shetland X Locks, 2 oz Gotland/Shetland X Locks, 2 oz

These are so, so, very soft. Lustrous charcoal gray peppered with light gray strands and tipped with a chocolate brown tip.
Most locks are 4-6 inches with some longer and there is little to no vm.
I have washed the locks but they are not separated like in the pictures. Remember to separate by holding the tips and pulling gently down to the base of the lock.
The bundle shown is 2 oz.
Let your imagination run wild! What will you make?

Our Price: $10.50
Jacob's Locks, 2 oz Jacob's Locks, 2 oz

This is a most beautiful Jacob's fleece with a nice range of color from bright white to dark brown to a lighter brown with gray fibers. Locks are clean and free of most vm, with a 4 inch staple length and a nice strong and wavy lock structure.

Perfect for needle felting and when carded and spun, makes a nuanced yarn.


Our Price: $10.50
"Old Crone" Icelandic Locks, 2oz "Old Crone" Icelandic Locks, 2oz

This Icelandic fleece has straight white locks with black tips which reminds me of old crone/witch hair.

Locks are clean, free of vm, of medium handle and is a double coated lock. There is the soft, white undercoat and the coarser black tipped guard hairs. Take care in separating locks from one another if you want the lock to remain intact.

The cotted piece is sold (third picture in sequence).


Our Price: $10.50
Karakul Lamb 7-9 inch Locks, 2oz Karakul Lamb 7-9 inch Locks, 2oz

Here is another Blue Ribbon fleece from Pine Lane Farm. I brought it back from Maryland Sheep and Wool 2019.

A natural red head, this fleece has purled lamb tips hanging at the end of each bright white lock. As you can see, fiber is straight except for the tips. This sheep will never again have such a fleece. Her hair will grow straight and coarse after this. Traditionally Karakul fiber is used for rug yarn. There is no vm, locks are clean, soft and measure 7-9 inches. You can't get better than this.

Use as doll hair, Santa beards... a free form wall hanging.

Our Price: $12.50