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Footie PJ Gnomes Footie PJ Gnomes

These 4" gnomes (to the tip of their hat) are little friends, fun to give and fun to have. Sit them on your counter, shelf, dashboard or put them in your pocket...always brings a smile.

This is a custom order product. Please let me know your preferred colors for hats and beard (or no beard) in order comments.


Our Price: $15.50
Owl Ornaments Owl Ornaments

Approximately 3" owls on a perch! Needle felted with a cedar branch to sit on.
These look lovely on a Christmas Tree or anywhere else in your home.

These are made to order and can be any colors you wish. Please let me know what you want in order comments.


Our Price: $15.50
Needle Felted Nests Needle Felted Nests

********Pictures are examples only, this is a custom order piece...design your own nest!

What could be sweeter than a Christmas Tree with bird nests in it? I dot nests around the house and they give me a smile every time I pass by.

Sweet sheep locks and tiny needle felted eggs make the basic nest and then I add feathers and grape vine tendrils from our farm. Nest numbers 1 and 3 have a 1 heart shaped egg along with 2 regular eggs. Nests range in size from 3-5 inches across.

********This is a custom order product. Design your own nest, color and egg type and I will do the rest. Use order comments to share you ideas.


Our Price: $20.50
Needle/Wet Felted Mushroom Needle/Wet Felted Mushroom

Shrooms are one of my favorite little sculptures to felt. There is a wire armature so your shroom is poseable. These are fanciful mushrooms and are made mostly of sheep's wool and silk.

This is the perfect addition to your nature table. I place mine on the dining room table as a centerpiece.


Our Price: $20.50
Needle Felted Shy Monster Needle Felted Shy Monster

"AmyLou" is such a shy and timid monster creature...she needs someone to love her and make all the scaries go away. Is that person you?

AmyLou is needle felted from sheeps' wools and has a wire armature in her arms/hands and her antennae. She stands 9" tall. There are so many sweet little details to see including wee and tiny mushrooms and her antennae.

As with all needle felted sculptures, keep away from the family pet.


Our Price: $125.00
Needle Felted ENT Needle Felted ENT

There is a tiny gnome living in this tree!

This sculpture is built over a wire armature and has all sort of tiny details: wee and tiny mushrooms, a gnome hat... what else can you find? He stands 11 inches tall and his roots are poseable. What stories might he tell?


Our Price: $125.00
Needle Felted Gray Wolf Needle Felted Gray Wolf

Needle felted gray wolf, wool over wire armature. Mr. Wolf is poseable, 8" tall at the withers and 14" long NOT including the tail. He is modeled after the Sarafina Fiber Art wolf.

Please contact me for more pictures or if you have any questions. As with all wool sculptures, keep away from the family pet.


Our Price: $225.00
Adrian, a needle felted dragon Adrian, a needle felted dragon

Here, here....here is Adrian, the needle felted dragon.

Adrain is felted over an aluminum wire armature and is 28 inches from nose to tip of his tail, 8 inches tall with a wingspan of 2 feet! He weighs approximately 8 ounces. His body and wings are posable. His horns are made from sculpy clay and are a shimmering golden hue and he has glass eyes.

Adrian is the favored mount of all my gnomes as he flies true and sure as well as being kind and protective.

As with all needle felted sculptures, please keep safe from the family pet.


Our Price: $230.00