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Wool Neps, 1 oz bundle Wool Neps, 1 oz bundle

Neps, neps and more neps. I am finding neps everywhere and the gnomes tell me I must be more tidy!

These are white (not bright white) merino neps, a byproduct of processing wool into roving.

Neps make great mushroom spots and are also used in spinning art batts as added texture.

Nep on!


Our Price: $5.50
Needle Felting Needles, 38 and 40 twist Needle Felting Needles, 38 and 40 twist

I now carry my favorite needle felting needle, the 38 and 40 twist, high quality and general purpose needles.

I use these two sizes for everything: singly and in the pink pen tool and in the multi tools.

There are 5 needles per pack.


Our Price: $6.50
Foam Needle Felting Surface, 12x12 Foam Needle Felting Surface, 12x12

I offer this hard foam needle felting surface that is a full 12X12 inches square.

I use one side for light colored fiber poking and the other side for dark fiber poking. These are the foam pads we use in workshop here at the farm. It isn't fancy, it isn't pretty but it works.

I am told that if you lay a piece of craft felt on the surface it extends the life of your foam. I haven't tried it yet and will let you know when I do.


Our Price: $8.50
Dippin' Dots, Dyed Neps, 1 oz Dippin' Dots, Dyed Neps, 1 oz

A jewel tone rainbow of dyed wool neps is here awaiting your creativity. Use for wet felting and needle felting to add texture and dimension to your piece wether it be mushroom caps, scarves or wool paintings.

One ounce bags will go a long way!


Our Price: $8.50
Earth Tone Dippin' Dots, 1 oz Earth Tone Dippin' Dots, 1 oz

Neps, neps and more neps!

Here is one ounce of dye neps in earth tones and are perfect for toad warts, mushroom bumps, added texture to a spinning batt or wet felted project.

Neps are a wool byproduct of fiber processing and are tiny wool balls.


Our Price: $8.50
Burr Oak Acorn Caps, 12 per bag Burr Oak Acorn Caps, 12 per bag

******Last of the caps until 2020....these are on the smaller end and 1- 1.5 inches wide.

12 Burr Oak acorn caps.

The acorns have finally started falling for 2019 here in Bastrop County Texas. These are freshly harvested and are large, most measuring 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. They are dry and come without the nut. Since they are from Mother Nature expect some variance, a small crack here and there and the occasional squirrel nibble.

I drill a hole in mine and add a twine loop for hanging and then hot glue in a needle felted ball. My whole Christmas Tree last year was decorated with these. They also look inviting just arranged in a wooden bowl as a centerpiece.


Note: what you get are just the bare acorn caps, no wool.

Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $10.00
Savings: $2.00
Clover Needle Felting Tools Clover Needle Felting Tools

These are the gnome's favorite tools and the Farmer Lady agrees!! The farmer lady uses the clover Pen Tool and Multi-Tool ALL the time and can vouch for their quality construction and function.

These are commercially made tools. Please choose from:

Clover Pen Tool that holds 1,2 or 3 needles of any size

Clover Multi-Tool holding 5 needles for use on flat surfaces to get the job done quickly.


Our Price: $14.50