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Rommeldale  Head Curls, 2 oz Rommeldale Head Curls, 2 oz

Natural black (aka brown) tiny curls from the head of a Rommeldale sheep. Some curls have a tight lock structure and others a more loose one. These are short at 2-3inches long, soft and have some fine sand that sifts out when locks are separated.

these would be lovely as forest floor, in mushroom scapes or on the head of a wee, young gnome.


Our Price: $6.50
Churro Lamb Medley, 2 oz Churro Lamb Medley, 2 oz

Digging through bags of stored items revealed several leftover bits from some Navajo Churro lamb fleeces. Various shades of taupe and off white are bundled in 2 oz bags. Locks are clean and free of most vm and measure 3-6 inches long. there is some cotting but locks do pull apart.

These are $2 off the usual price.


Our Price: $8.50
Icelandic Curls, 5 oz Icelandic Curls, 5 oz

5 oz for the price of 2oz! Soft fluffy under coat with longer, coarser guard hairs are perfect for so many things: gnome beards, stuffing, carding and spinning, dyeing, clouds in a 2-D wool painting. There is a lot of white with some black and brown locks as well.


Our Price: $10.50